The Bulletin is MWA’s collection of briefs, statements and updates on current developments relating to the Kafala system in Lebanon.

In light of recent developments in the region and the debate surrounding human rights, our team member L. shares a heartfelt message of solidarity and support. As a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon she is experiencing challenges and discrimination, similar to those experienced by Migrant Domestic Workers trapped under the Kafala System.
To Muslims, Ramadan is considered the holiest month of the year. One of the ways in which we expand our spirituality during this period is by reflecting on our privileges, the purpose of which is to strengthen our relationship with God and improve our compassion for others. For many people in our community, we think […]
A Call for Intersectionality & Inclusion The Kafala system is an oppressive, racist, patriarchal structure that exploits and abuses migrant workers that disproportionately affects women of colour. The system relies heavily on human trafficking and other organised crimes, exposing migrant domestic workers to severe human rights violations. Women of colour from South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan […]
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