The Bulletin is MWA’s collection of briefs, statements and updates on current developments relating to the Kafala system in Lebanon.

On International Migrants Day we want to celebrate and appreciate each and every Migrant Domestic Worker, who is working under the hardships and abuse of the Kafala system. We want to celebrate the activists, community leaders and organisers that provide support, awareness and insight into the lived experience of being Migrant Workers in Lebanon.
Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) in Lebanon face numerous forms of abuse including sexual and gender-based violence at the hands of employers and recruitment agents. MDWs  receive little to no legal protection or support due to the Kafala system’s exploitative nature against women of colour.  Our #16DaysOfActivism are dedicated to shed light and raise awareness about […]
The Bulletin is our in-house news portal to share our recent activities, statements and factsheets relating to Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon. We will soon launch it with our first statement.
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