Migrant Workers’ Action (MWA) was established by a group of local activists and human rights advocates with decades of experience working against the Kafala system, and with a joint vision of achieving sustainable change in Lebanon’s immigration and labour system through advocacy, education, intervention and support. 


MWA is an international non-governmental organisation working towards abolishing the state-sponsored labour exploitation and human trafficking of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) through Lebanon’s Kafala system. MWA’s overall aim is for the establishment of a fair and just immigration system for migrant domestic workers guaranteeing their inclusion in the Lebanese Labour Law and the enjoyment of their fundamental rights. 


In this effort, MWA's work is using a strategic multi-layered approach to assist Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon through community organising, research and advocacy at the local, regional and international levels. MWA uses various avenues including social media, press and direct conversation with institutions and stakeholders as well as in partnerships with local organisations to work towards its overall aim.

In order to achieve sustainable and genuine change MWA works through three layers of tackling the human rights abuses against MDWs in Lebanon.

By Advocating for justice and human rights, MWA is fighting the system in its entirety, demanding the Kafala system’s abolition rather than conceding to superficial reforms with minimal impact and maintaining the status quo.

By Educating about the migrant domestic workers’ rights and freedoms, MWA aspires to encourage social change within Lebanese society in order to dismantle racist and sexist notions, which contribute to the cycle of abuse.

By Supporting Migrant Domestic Workers, MWA provides services to help them ensure their rights, dignity and wellbeing.

We believe that the Kafala system’s exploitative and abusive nature is based on complex interactions of race, gender, class and inequality.

In order to push for transformative and sustainable change, MWA’s approach is guided by the following concepts and principles: 

An Anti-Racist Approach

MWA believes in order to fight racial discrimination, oppression and injustice, only a pro-active approach of being anti-racist can achieve true racial equality and justice. The Kafala system is inherently racist through its exploitation and oppression of women of colour.

Intersectional and Feminist Mindset

In order to understand, and therefore challenge the Kafala system, MWA acknowledges the intersectionality of gender, race and class in the lived experiences of MDWs.

Community-Led and Inclusive

MWA is working with, for and through MDWs and seeks to convey the needs and demands of these communities to represent the cause in its authentic and real form.

Justice Oriented

We do believe real and sustainable change can only be achieved through justice. The Kafala system’s culture of impunity, has normalised pervasive violence and abuse. We believe that justice and accountability gives MDWs agency over their experiences and trauma while also breaking the cycle of abuse.

➤ The Abolition of the Kafala system in its entirety

➤ The introduction of a fair and just immigration and labour system for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

➤ The full inclusion of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanese Labour Law

➤ The legal formation of MDW-led labour unions and the inclusion of those unions in governmental accountability and civil society

➤ The Lebanese government and the countries of origin to prevent this Human Trafficking and ensure legal accountability for its perpetrators

➤ Justice and Reparations for victims of human rights abuses