Modern slavery as a concept or crime is not defined in international law. It is used as an umbrella term that includes various legal concepts. At its core, it refers to situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, and/or abuse of power.

Whether tricked, coerced, or forced, a person subjected to modern-day slavery loses their freedom. This includes but is not limited to human trafficking, forced labour and debt bondage.

Source: Anti-Slavery International

The Kafala system fuels modern-day slavery. There have been numerous reports and testimonies of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon being forced into working for households under exploitative conditions. Many Migrant Domestic Workers have been unable to leave their abusive workplace due to threats or involuntary imprisonment. Countless testimonies have confirmed that recruitment agencies in their country of origin have used deception and fraudulent practices to lure women into signing work contracts to travel to Lebanon unaware of the real circumstances of their employment and living arrangements.